Large Mixed Sushi Set

Consists of 9 pieces of mixed Nigiri sushi and 6 pieces of Maki rolls.

Medium Mixed Sushi Set

Consists of 7 pieces of mixed Nigiri sushi and 4 pieces of Maki rolls

Small Mixed Sushi Set

Consists of 5 pieces of mixed Nigiri Sushi and 4 pieces of Maki rolls.

Mixed Sushi Sets

Family Set

Consists of 14 pieces of mixed Nigiri sushi and 12 pieces of Maki rolls

Seafood Bento Box Set

Consists of 6 California Rolls

                      6 Maki rolls

                      3 Nigiris


Vegetarian Bento Box Set

Consists of  6 California Rolls

                      6 Maki Rolls

                      3 Nigiris

                      4 pieces of sashimi

Sushi bento includes a bowl of Miso Soup & side salad

Sushi Bento Box Set
Salmon Bento Box Set
Consists of 3 Sashimi
                      6 Salmon & Avocado Maki Rolls
                      3 Nigiris
Tuna Bento Box Set
Consists of 3 Sashimi
                      6 Spicy tuna maki Rolls
                      3 Nigiris
                      3 Sashimi

9 Pieces of Sashimi

12 Pieces of Sashimi

Served warm with a crunchy bite of breadcrumbs.

15 Pieces of Sashimi

Avocado, cucumber, tempura prawn,

Wasabi Mayo

Sashimi Set (no rice)
Prawn Crunch

Deluxe Set (26pcs)

Salmon & Tuna Set (8pcs)

2 pieces of hand roll, available in:

Temaki (Coned shaped Roll)
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This is called an ‘inside out roll’ (6 pieces)

California Rolls
Maki Rolls (6 Pieces)

2 Pieces of finger sized pieces of fish with sushi rice bonded together

Please Choose option:



Sashimi (3 pieces of raw fish without rice)


Phoenix Roll

Eel wrapped on the outside of roll. Really delicious!

Green Dragon Roll
Avocado wrapped on the outside
Signature Sushi

Rainbow Roll

Crab & Avocado roll with 7 different fish

Tiger Roll

Spicy prawn tempura & cucumber

with sushi prawn on outside

Spider Roll

Soft shell crab, avocado, flying fish roe

Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll

Dragon Roll

Prawn tempura & crabstick, avocado

on the outside







Salmon Roe Nigiri
Sweet Prawn Nigiri
Prawn Crunch
Tuna Nigiri
Prawn Nigiri
California Roll
California Roll
Salmon Nigiri
Soft Shell Crab Temaki
Dragon Roll
Phoenix Roll


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Please choose option:

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